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Micro Sprinklers


A range of Micro Sprinklers suited for 360º, 180º, 90º or rectangular strips in addition we also stock Micro Mist Sprayers.  Used either into the 1/2” (13-16 mm) main tube, the 1/4” (4-6 mm) feeding tube or on fitted rigid risers for overhead installation.

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Claber 180º Micro Sprinkler  <br/>91255
Blister packs of 10
Claber 360º Micro Mist Sprayer <br/>91258
Blister packs of 10
Claber 360º Micro Sprinkler <br/>91256
Blister Packs of 10
Claber Micro Sprinkler Strip<br/>91257
Blister pack of 10