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Solar Irrigation

Brand: Claber
The Claber 8063 Aqua Magic System is a solar-powered ready-to-use kit. It includes a timer, solar panel, and built-in pump to draw water from a water container, filter, and deliver it to 20 drippers.  It uses two rechargeable AA 1.2v NiMH 1800mAh batteries (not included).54 possible i..
Brand: Claber
Claber 8064 is a pack of 5 spare drippers for the Claber Aqua Magic drip irrigation system. They are designed to water potted plants and other plants with the right amount of water without wasting a drop. The drippers are easy to install and use. They simply push fit onto the Aqua Magic drip line. T..
Brand: Claber
The Claber 8068 Aqua Magic Hose is a coil of 10 metres of 4-6mm diameter PVC feeding tube specifically designed for the Claber solar-powered Aqua Magic System. Algae, Cold Weather and UV Resistant. To use the Claber 8068 feeding tube, cut it to the desired length and connect it to the Claber Aqua Ma..
Brand: Gardena
The Garden Aquabloom solar-powered irrigation set for houseplants, the greenhouse, balconies, and terraces. Plant watering when you're not there, with the Gardena Aquabloom your plants are in good hands - all season long. With 14 pre-defined water programs your in control of the watering of up to 20..
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