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Sprayers & Lances

Shower Lances ideal for gentle watering with precision and Multi function Lances for watering those hard to reach areas.
Brand: Claber
The Claber 9083 Multifunction Spray Pistol can be used for all your irrigation needs and even for cleaning. Equipped with four different jets and 2 flow settings that you select simply by rotating the front dial.4 different jets - Shower, Concentrated, Aerated and Mist.Adjustable jet ..
Ex Tax:£16.99
Brand: Claber
The Claber 9086 Elegant Telescopic Multifunction Spray Lance / Watering Wand with an ergonomic horizontal grip and rustproof aluminium rod. A handy front-mounted push button for controlling water flow. The length of the lance is adjustable between 70 and 105cm. A swivel spray head equipped with 4 di..
Ex Tax:£26.99
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