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Metal Connectors

We have a wide range of both plastic and chrome plated brass tap connectors.
Brand: Claber
The Claber 9604 Tap Connector is a 3/4 threaded hard-wearing tap connector made of chrome-plated brass and is installed in a flash.Chrome plated brass providing good resistance to bad weatherWatertightAdjustable3/4" threadModel 9604..
Ex Tax:£7.25
Brand: Claber
The Claber 9606 metal 2 Way Connector is a 2-way connector in chrome-plated brass, compatible with automatic Quick-Click couplings.WatertightCompatible with automatic Quick-Click couplings2 WayResistant to bad weatherModel 9606Pack of 1..
Ex Tax:£6.99
Brand: Claber
The Claber 9607 metal 3 Way Connector is a three way connector in chrome-plated brass. Making it easy to split a watering line from a single hose, creating two different lines.Chrome plated brassWatertightCompatible with automatic Quick-Click couplings3 WayResistant to bad weatherModel 9607..
Ex Tax:£8.99
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